Acknowledgment to Country

We acknowledge the First Peoples of this nation, and honour their deep custodianship of the lands, waterways and surrounding seas. We acknowledge the diverse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 60,000 years of history as well as their living and thriving culture of today. We pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging.

Our allied health team and NDIS-registered services are based in the enablement approach of occupational therapy, where we collaborate with participants and their families. We tailor our programs to participants of all ages and abilities. We value community, respectful relationships, hope for a better future, all people, animals and nature. 

We have a diverse talented team of allied health practitioners working across Gippsland in Victoria. We are passionate about helping regional and rural communities. We pride ourselves on delivering the best services and having the most qualified and skilled team. 

We have a new graduate program designed to support practitioners learn, grow, connect and thrive in their chosen fields. Our team consists of occupational therapists, mental health social workers, play therapists, life skills counsellors, allied health assistants, behaviour support practitioners and physical well-being practitioners.

Too often, those with different levels of ability are burdened with the immense task of adapting to a world that was not designed with their needs in mind or simply ignores their needs. At HIG Group, we turn that notion on its head, and instead find innovative ways to adapt the world to meet participants where they are at, in their everyday life and enabling true options and choices.

Guided by the philosophy of “doing, being, becoming and belonging” within occupational therapy, we partner with participants so that they are empowered to make choices, but not alone in the decision making and actions.

Everything we do is to provide opportunities for our participants to find their own self-expression and self- identity, as well as to have the freedom to live the best ordinary life. We believe that if we do this together as a team and community then we can be hopeful of every success.


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