Friday, March 22, 2019

What do we mean by Occupation?

Our own Professional Association summarises an answer to this common question!
Reflections on Occupation
Occupation is simple and intuitive to the experience of all humans. . .
  • the things we do in our life roles
  • the things we do to be who we are
  • the things we do to create life and world into all it can become
. . . however the finer details reveal there is more to occupation than meets the eye!
Occupation is. . .
Subjectively experienced
  • to one person the occupation of "shopping" feels like "a real chore", to another it's "fun", to yet another it's "a chance to relax". Activity can be classified into cultural categories such as "work", but each occupation is experienced as blend of productivity, pleasure and restoration
Situated in time
  • the meaning and function of occupation vary according to its location in the stream of time. Consider the meanings of a "shopping" occupation for an individual over time - shopping for lollies as a kid, shopping after a first pay check and shopping with a wheel chair for the first time
  • Time and culture influence which occupations are meaningful and adaptive, however that humans have used occupation to survive, thrive, healing and health promotion is evident since the dawn of time

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